Jyotish or Indian Astrology is the belief of many people, dealing with the alignment of celestial bodies on human Life on Earth. In Indian astrology, Gemstones have their special importance. Gemstones are recommended based on Horoscopes.

Gemstones are beyond any doubt one of the most powerful devices used for Remedies in Indian Astrology. Gemology, Science of Gemstones deals with Natural and Artificial Gemstone materials.

The use of Gemstones in Indian Astrology can be confirmed with the help of the Ancient History of our Civilization. Kings, Queens, and Rich people used to wear Gemstone to get Good Benefits and cast away Evils. And to the present day, many of the Rich and Famous People are wearing Gemstone.

According to Indian astrology, some houses of the Horoscope have Good and Bad Planets or we can say Positive and Negative Planets while some houses of the Horoscope may be completely empty.

Depending upon the nature of these Energies, the Planets function or work as Good or Bad Planets for a particular native. Again depending upon the Degree and Placement of a Particular Planet in a Particular Energy Center, the Planet may be Strong or Weak, Clean or Afflicted. This is where Gemstones come into play.

If a Planet has registered Positive Energy at the Time of the Birth of a native, it becomes a Good Planet for that particular native and an expert of Indian Astrology can read it from his Horoscope. But if due to its placement, affliction, or some other concept, it has become Weak, it would simply mean that the planet will remain Good for the native but will not give its Proper Results as it is Weak.

Here we provide Guidance for Rudraksha & Gemstone. In Indian Astrology, the following are the Gemstones relating to the nine planets or NavaGraha.

Ruby (Manik)


Ruby (Manik) is the Gemstone that belongs to the Sun. If suited it can render very good results to the native including success in professional matters, fame, reputation, and overall status.

Yellow Sapphire (PukhRaj)


Yellow Sapphire (PukhRaj) is a Gemstone belonging to Jupiter. If suited it blesses the native with wealth, prosperity, good memory among other things.

Diamond (Heera)


Diamond (Heera) belongs to Venus. It is usually colorless and if suited it blesses the wearer with luxuries, comforts, charming personality, and happiness among other things.

Emerald (Panna)


Emerald (Panna) gemstone belongs to Mercury. If suited it blesses the native with good communication skills, business, good health, and memory among other things.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)


Blue Sapphire (Neelam) The most enticing, the most mysterious, the most feared, and perhaps the most effective of all the Gemstones belong to none other than Saturn.

Red Coral (Moonga)


Red Coral (Moonga) Red Coral gemstone belongs to Mars. It is made of the skeletal remains of some marine animals.

Pearl (Moti)


Pearl (Moti) is a Gemstone belonging to the Moon which is considered Queen or Mother of all the planets. Pearls are formed in shellfish, especially oysters and mussels. If suited it blesses the native with happiness, luxury, good mental health among other benefits.

Hessonite (Gomed)


Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone belongs to Rahu (North Node) and varies in color from light honey color to dark honey color. If suited, it can bring sudden fortunes like winning lotteries and instant successes in the stock market to the wearer.

Cat’s Eye (Lahsuniya)


Cat’s Eye (Lahsuniya) is a gemstone belonging to Ketu (North Node) and it can vary in so many colors from green to yellow to brown. This gemstone if suited usually helps in Career, Business, Spiritualism, Meditation among other things.