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Kanya Rashi (Virgo)

Kanya Rashi (Virgo)

Kanya Rashi (Virgo) is like a maid holding a lamp and sitting on a boat, which is floating on water. It represents the abdomen of the Kaal Purusha (Ursha major). This stable sixth Rashi lives in the green places, places fit for sexual activity and artistic places.

The sixth sign of the Rashichakra, Kanya (Virgo) are exacting in all they do. They are often the butt of all jokes for their being so picky and critical, but it serves the Virgins their mission: to help others. Kanya jatakas (people born under Virgo) derive immense pleasure from serving and are the original worker bees.

Industrious, methodical, efficient, practical, logical, precise, methodical and a great sense of duty, and an utter perfectionist, a Jatakas of this sign often do not like to delegate and want to oversee every step of the operation themselves. Virgins are an asset in the workplace as no detail will be overlooked anytime, every time. They are also balanced and fair in their assessments.

Kanya jatakas (people born under virgo) are practical, cool-headed and thoroughly meticulous in their work, never unnecessarily swayed by emotions and even when sentiments run high, keeping a cool head to weigh their approach. Often quiet and reserved, tidy and perfect, the Virgins seldom shy away from taking on challenges and prove their mettle with hard work and a quiet determination. They gain success for their perfection and inability to ignore even the smallest of faults. Although not short-tempered, honest and forthright these Virgins do pick up arguments when anyone opposes them. They also tend to make bitter enemies, and remember events that happened a long time ago.

Kanya jatakas (people born under virgo) do well in science and mechanics, often inventing and developing appliances or other new things, even something as gardening tools. Fond of reading and writing and have a flair for handicrafts, some Virgins also make good performing artistes.

Kanya jatakas (people born under virgo) cannot sit still for long and also love to travel. Swift-footed and bundles of energy, both physically and mentally, their brain is in overdrive most of the time, which is why they get so much done. They are also good communicators and use  their mental acuity to maximum advantage, however can also be prone to skepticism. They are also a studious lot, and can carefully analyze and tone down even their worst impulses. They enjoy studying and understanding every situation in great detail. However their perfectionist tendencies get in the way of their usual clear thinking. But reliable and practical and oh-so-useful to have around, Kanya jatakas (people born under virgo) are great assets to all groups.

Although Kanya jatakas (people born under virgo) are grounded and are rather humble and easygoing, they also do enjoy material possessions. Their greatest strength is in their practicality, sharp mind and attention to detail coupled with their willingness to serve. They will only surround themselves with what’s right for them, which serves Virgins well in business, where their decisions are usually well considered. Eminently sensible and the ability to use their critical eye well, Kanya jatakas (people born under virgo) often fall prey to hypochondria because of extreme nervousness. Many of them face psychological problems, as Kanya jatakas (people born under virgo) tend to be compulsive worriers.

One will never hear about a Virgin’s tempestuous relationships or turbulent love life. They are not the ones to cuddle or make a public display of affection, but love a quite romance. Vrishava, Makara or a fellow Kanya (Virgo) will appreciate a Kanya jataka’s (people born under virgo) style of courtship. Sending flowers and quiet candlelight dinners at elegant places make Virgins happy and contented. The kind and loving nature is often lost in the no-nonsense and critical nature, which most often is a put-off. Always demanding perfection Kanyajatakas (people born under virgo) are easily disappointed if given anything less and unhappiness ensues from this that they do not overlook others’ frailties. A Kanya jataka’s (people born under virgo) obsession with order and neatness around the house can be quite infuriating to the unappreciating partner, who will never seem to meet exacting standards of a Kanya jataka (people born under virgo).