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The word Rudraksha, comes from the two Sanskrit words Rudra, a synonym for Lord Shiva, and Aksha, meaning “eyes”. Botanically, the rudraksha tree is known as Elaeocarpus ganitrus Roxb. Each seed possesses from 1 to 21 vertical lines running down its surface, like the longitude lines on a globe. These lines are known as mukhas, or facets, and are natural formations of the seed.

Origin Of Rudraksha

The term Rudraksh basically refers to the tears of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva meditated for several years for the wellbeing of all creatures. But, when he opened his eyes to see around, he saw people in pain. Lord Shiva could not see the sufferings and miseries of people and started shedding hot drops of tears. Mother Nature transformed the tears and gave birth to the Rudraksh trees.

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha


Ek Mukhi Rudraksha said to strengthen mental concentration. 

Recommended for headaches, heart disease, and defects in the right eye.

Ruling planet: Sun

Do Mukhi Rudraksha


Do Mukhi – Rudraksha represents Ardhanareshwar, a joint image of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati (Shakti). The wearer is blessed with unity in relationships like those between husband-wife, guru-shishya, parents-children, etc.

Recommended for diseases of heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, intestine, and left eye.

Ruling planet: Moon

Teen Mukhi Rudraksha


Teen Mukhi Rudraksha represents Agni Dev. It is good for those suffering from complexes, fear, guilt, or depression.

Recommended for blood problems, plague, smallpox, blood pressure, etc.

Ruling planet: Mars.

Char Mukhi Rudraksha


Char Mukhi Rudraksha represents Brahma. The wearer gains the power of creativity when blessed.

Recommended for mental disease, paralysis, yellow fever, and nasal problems.

Ruling planet: Mercury.

Paanch Mukhi Rudraksha


Paanch Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Shiva. Its wearer gains in health and peace. It is used for Japa and for regulating blood pressure and cardiac ailments. It is also worn as a necklace.

Recommended for bone marrow problems and problems of liver, kidney, feet, thighs, ears, and diabetes.

Ruling planet: Jupiter.

Six Mukhi Rudraksha


Six Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Karthikeya. It provides learning, wisdom, and knowledge.

Recommended for problems relating to eyes, reproductive organs, urinary tract, prostate, mouth, and throat. It can also be worn on the right hand.
Ruling planet: Venus.

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha


Seven Mukhi Rudraksha represents Goddess Mahalaxmi. Its user is blessed with good health.

Ruling planet: Saturn.

Eight Mukhi Rudraksha


Eight Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Ganesha. It removes obstacles and brings success in all undertakings.

Recommended for problems relating to lungs, feet, skin, and eyes.

Ruling planet: Rahu.

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha


Nine Mukhi Rudraksha represents Goddess Durga. When invoked, the mother Goddess blesses the wearer with energy, dynamism, and fearlessness.

Recommended for diseases relating to lung, eyes, bowel, skin disease, and body ache. It can be worn on the left hand.

Ruling planet: Ketu.

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha


Ten Mukhi Rudraksha has no ruling planet and pacifies all negative planetary energy.

Recommended for neurological problems.

No ruling planet.

Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha


Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Hanuman. When invoked, the wearer is blessed with wisdom, good judgment, powerful vocabulary, and adventurous life.

Recommended for nervous problems.

No ruling planet.

Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha


Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Sun. The wearer is bestowed with the qualities of the sun.
Recommended for problems relating to heart, lungs, skin, and stomach.
Ruling planet: Sun.

Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha


Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Indra. It brings honours and helps in fulfilling all earthly desires.
Ruling planet:

Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha


Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha is considered a divine gem, Deva Mani.
It awakens the sixth sense by which the wearer can foresee future happenings.
It provides the wearer with safety, security and riches. It is a powerful antidote for miseries caused by Saturn.
It should be worn on chest, forehead or right arm.

Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha


Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha is the Pashupati Rudraksha.
It helps in spiritual enhancement of mind and provides wealth and happiness.

Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha


Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha is also known as Jay Rudraksha.
It protects against theft and enemies.

Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha


Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha is also known as Vishwakarma Rudraksha.
The wearer of this mala can achieve sudden wealth.
It also helps in increasing inner consciousness and spiritual power.

Eighteen Mukhi Rudraksha


Eighteen Mukhi Rudraksha is also known as Bhumi Rudraksha.
It is specially meant for women as it protects against premature delivery and also guards children against disease.

Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha


Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha is symbol of Lord Narayan.
It protects against diseases like blood disorder, spinal disorder are prevented.

Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha


Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha is symbol of Lord Brahma.
It protects against diseases like blood disorder, spinal disorder are prevented.

Twenty One Mukhi Rudraksha


Twenty One Mukhi Rudraksha is symbol of Lord Kuber.
The bearer will famous for prosperity and spirituality and always remains in the path of  Sanatan Dharma.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksh


Gauri Shankar Rudraksh is known as unified form Shiva and parvati. Two naturally joined rudraksha called Gauri Shankar Rudraksha regarded as the form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati . This beads give meaning to the relationship between husband and wife. Hence this Devine rudraksha is best suited for bringing in peace and comfort with family.
This rudraksha hase power of both of 1 mukhi and 14 mukhi rudraksha. If Gauri shankar rudraksha is being worshiped by the family member then the levels of peace and satisfaction get increased many fold and then there is no rooms for agony and distress in life in the family members.
According to purana, this holy rudraksha is the best for happy family life.

Gauri Pata (Trijuti) Rudraksha


Gauri Pata (Trijuti) Rudraksha represents Lord Ganesha and mother Parvati.
In natural formed rudraksha in which 3 rudraksh is naturaly joined is called Gauri Pata Rudraksha. This is very rare rudraksha. according to hindu scripture it represent lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha, together. That who worship or wear this great holy rudraksha is bestowed with knowledge, power, wealth and health.
Those who hold or worship it is bestowed with Brahmgyana and enjoy superpower in society because this rudraksha improve the power of mind and understanding of consciences.

Garbh Gauri Rudraksh


Garbh Gauri Rudraksh represents Lord Ganesha and mother Parvati. This rudraksha represents Lord Ganesha and mother Parvati.
When two beads naturally joined together with one significantly smaller than the ohter is called Garbh Gauri Rudraksha.
This is best for those women who defects in their conceptions.

Ganesha Rudraksh


Ganesha Rudraksh represents Lord Ganesha and mother Parwti. This rudraksha bears a trunk like elevation as is seen the face of Lord Ganesha,,the son of Lord Shiva.
Elephant headed God, Ganesh gives success and overcoming obstacles. It also associated with wisdom learning prudence and power. This gives Riddhi- Shiddhi. Ganesha rudraksha porvide wearer perfection in every sphere in life and the grace of Lord Ganesha is received by him.

In this way, each Rudraksha represents a special aspect and is recommended for a special purpose. People wear Rudraksha for removing the beneful effects of the moon. But Rudraksha is used after Expert guidance for Rudraksh & Gemology which is provided by Astro Tantra for free.

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